AI aim slightly improved

Added drivable boats to docks around the city

Added flyable Cessnas at the airport (more aircraft coming)

Added mayor job and Town hall (1 per server)

Added spam protection for mission and kick voting

Added votekicking ability from Players menu

Almost doubled view/spawn distance

Fixed AI combat range movement

Fixed some item scales

Gave rockets to the Apache (Default fire key: X)

Illegal inventory items are highlighted in yellow

Implemented water physics for anything entering the ocean

Improved player physics standing in/on vehicles

Kicked players now unable to rejoin for 10 minutes

Ocean wave displacement is now synced for all players

Players menu now lists every players job

Reduced player air control physics

Require licenses for gunshop entry, vehicles, planes, and boats

Translucent clouds

Unity Engine upgrade (.Net 4.6) Waves now react to weather