Added a few more shop items

Added new T-Shirts and Varsity Jackets to some characters

Added smoking barrels after firing weapons

Added spacing for list menu items

Added windows to jail to stop easy escapes

AI passengers will react when hit now

Better vehicle damage effects

Code cleanup and Network optimizations

Correct trade handling for occupied players

Drug dealer moved near beachfront

Fixed AI as passenger behavior

Fixed AI unstuck behavior

Fixed drug dealer seed counts

Fixed highway ramp mesh alignment

Fixed overlapping building

Fixed player weight calculation (beards and hair now weigh 0 kg)

Fixed stuck players and NPCs

Gangs now swarm players attacking territories

Higher AI spawn rate

Improved door particle effects

Improved map markers and legend

Locking/Unlocking owned vehciles fixed

Need minimum of 3 votes and 50% for a successful votekick

New Delivery Driver Job at Pizza restaurant

New Taxi driver job at Airport terminal

No item load delay when entering/exiting buildings

Police now target most wanted players

Re-positioned game timer

Territories only shown for gangster positions

Unity Engine upgrade to 2017.3.1

Vehicles reset to original lock state

Voice-chat library update

Weapons now correctly do damage on initial spawn