AI Artificial Intelligence. Assholes INC.

Broke protocol is a game based on a real life roleplay. And for that you need people to play the game.

But also, there are some NPCS that use AI to work, so they can walk, jump, stop, swim, die...

Actually, AI in this game is kinda useless. NPCS will still walking stop if a car gets on its way. And that's not the actual problem, the problem is that they will hurt themselves and they wont round the car. How not, that generates a lot of violence and death.

Some people told me that one NPC will always be in trouble. He is DIMITRI.

Dimitri will ALWAYS be fighting, shooting, or killing someone, no matter if you are a player o another NPC. Even if dimitri is a Police Officer, dimitri will shoot you and kill you.

Maxresdefault (3)

Dimitri preparing for his special attack.