No matter what you do or what you try. Even the Titanic sunk before exploding.

This boat will always explode before sinking. 3 seats and a poor speed.


Me escaping boris.

Used to escape cops when you rob boris the drug dealer. Yes, i used it too.

To sink it you can try:

  • To sink it.
  • To shoot a it.
  • To crash it.

    Roblox copy of the original boat.

  • To drive it on the hood.
  • To rob boris.
  • To came back and rob boris again.
  • To shoo it, but whit a rocket launcher.
  • To Ask Satan to help you.
  • To sacrifice you a virgin.
  • To read this until the end.
  • To hack roblox.

And many more things that i wont tell you. Also you can just sink it again.

If you want to swag, driving this on a road will be perfect.