How to Host a Broke Protocol on Windows Edit

  1. Download Broke Protocol from
  2. Find the BP local files and delete them to where you want to keep your server files.
  3. Open 'settings.txt' and name your server, change the max player count and if you want it to have a whitelist.
  4. (optional) Set your server welcome message in 'server_info.txt.'
  5. (optional) make yourself admin by adding your in-game name to the 'admin_list.txt' file.
  6. Open & Port forward UDP ports 5557 & 5558

Why isn't my server working / I cant see my server? Edit

Is the BrokeProtocol.exe blocked by your firewall?

Are ports 5557 & 5558 forwarded through your router?

Is the BrokeProtocol process open in wtask manager?

Meu Pau Edit

Make sure you have your name and anyone you want admin on separate lines in the 'admin_list.txt' file.

Make sure you are using the name you registered on your server with and not your steam name.

My server keeps crashing Edit

The easiest way to fix this is to re-download your Broke Protocol files and start again.