Here is a list of current crimes (probably incomplete).

  • Assault - Hurting someone with a car or fist.
  • Murder - Killing someone with a car, gun, or melee weapon.
  • Intimidation - Telling someone to put their hands up!
  • Robbery - Stealing something from a shop, a person, or a bomb at the airport.
  • Obstruction - Handcuffing or using the 'Hands Up' option on a police officer.
  • Armed Assault - Assaulting someone with any weapon.
  • Grand Larceny - Robbing the bank.
  • Intoxication - Use of drugs.
  • Grand Theft Auto- Lockpicking a locked vehicle.
  • Demolition- Blowing up either the bank vault door or the prison wall with a bomb
  • Illegal Contraband- This crime is only allowed on Online Mode, this happens when a player cop arrests and searches you.

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