Personally, i will say this is the worst job in the whole game.

But if you think its not, im ok with that.

This job is based in dispensing licenses to people in the whole city.

Here's a little tutorial about how to be Mayor.

-First: You need to reach for the town hall. Inside of it, behind the desk, a boi will dispense you licenses and ALSO will offer you the Mayor job. You just have to select "Get Job" and you'll be done.

-Second: When people will head to the town hall and request a license, a message will appear in your chat to tell you somebody wants a license. Then you just have to open your menu, and select "Request".

You can choose between fucking dat boi dispensing the license or denying it. Obviusly, you get a little money when you dispense a license.

Both players and NPCS can request licenses.